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  • New York Theatre Guide (Tommy Partl):  "With Screw Your Courage!, Klahr Thorsen creates an engaging and fascinating tale of her life using only her outstanding theatrical talents. Her adept impressions and diverse characters drive along this unique tale of an actress’ relationship with her mother and perhaps the biggest female role in theatre."
  • Screw Your Dramaturgy!: Gareth Vile, the Theatre Editor for The List interviews Klahr Thorsen about the writing and dramaturgy behind SCREW YOUR COURAGE! 
  • Broadway World: Thank you for the lovely write-up!
  • Fringe Review: Paul Levy talks with Klahr Thorsen about obsession and "the process"
  • The Scotsman: Arts Critic Tim Cornwell describes SCREW YOUR COURAGE! as a "jolly romp of multi-character performances
  • Bouquets and Brickbats: Philip Caveney and Susan Singfield describe the show as "an unusual twist on Shakespeare"